The Western Montana Walk to Emmaus is active in two Walk Weekends each spring
and if there is enough interest presents Face to Face in the fall.
Descriptions of each one is below.

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The Western Montana Walk to Emmaus has two Walk to Emmaus retreats to strengthen leaders in the church.
Both are for spiritual renewal and creating leaders in the church.

Walk To Emmaus 72-hour retreats

Men’s Walk April 20 – April 23, 2023
Tom Olson will be the 2023 the Men’s Lay Director
Contact him at 406-369-0866 or olsonthomas39@gmail.com 
Women’s Walk April 27- April 30, 2023
Cheryl Bauer was the 2021 the Lay Director.
Contact her at 760-379-0375 or mooseloverbauer@gmail.com       

The Walk to Emmaus is for people who have the stamina to be active for 72 hours and don’t mind sleeping in a camp setting and sharing a bedroom with others.

The Walk to Emmaus is held each spring at the Glacier Presbyterian Camp on Flathead Lake.  Attendees must have a sponsor who has attended a Walk to Emmaus or Face to Face Encounter.

More information is available at the Upper Room on the Walk to Emmaus

Upper Room News and Devotions

Clergy, Team and Sponsor Information on Resources Page

Face to Face Classes

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What is the “Face to Face” Program?

“Face to Face” began in Emmaus Communities across the United States in 2015. The model was authorized by the International Office of The Walk to Emmaus at Upper Room Ministries. Each year since, new groups join in this adventure. “Face to Face” is a complete spiritual experience in the spirit of The Walk to Emmaus, designed specifically for seniors. All the core elements of Emmaus are included. The program seeks to invite men and women, ages 65 and older, to experience Jesus through a four-session journey, covering subjects such as mission, grief, end-of-life issues, and discipleship. Led by clergy and lay leaders, sessions feature Biblical theology, tasty refreshments, lots of laughs, and several surprising personal encounters and memorable spiritual breakthroughs. Also, we shall worship, sing, joke with one another, experience an avalanche of God’s grace, and talk about no one but Jesus and ourselves—together. The highly flexible schedule allows participants the freedom to engage in structured Bible study and prayer in a church setting.

We have held three Face to Face Encounters with Christ since it began. They were at Lakeside, Corvallis and Missoula. Watch for details of when and where the next one will be held.

“Face to Face” is open to members of any Christian denomination who wish to rediscover Christ’s presence and want to strengthen their spiritual lives. 

More information from the Upper Room on the Face to Face Encounter

Application for team and clergy are found on the Walk Resource page.